Screen Teambuilding

We refer to Screen Teambuilding in the context or remote management of business teams across different sites. These teams may or may not have even met physically, yet they are expected to function as a unit. It is everything you do via screen-to-screen interactions to create and effective and efficient team.

Screen Teambuilding does not refer to e-sporting events, on-line gaming, or sports in any manner.

How it's Different

Remote teaming is fast becoming the “new norm” and it is now not unusual to find team members scattered across the globe; i.e., different cultures and different time zones. Teams are expected to move quickly from “forming” to “performing” without going through the classic team development process.


Why it's Important

The lack of emotional interactions that enable people to develop empathy, understanding and mutual support can lead to a team that is efficient (lean & mean) but not effective (caring & sharing). This in turn can easily lead to “individualism” as opposed to the desired “collectivism.”


How to do it Better

Commence all meetings with a simple slide reiterating why the team exists.

Plan meetings to ensure that all time zones are accommodated.

Hold purely “getting to know you” sessions.

Use the breakout group function to allow people to “speed date” and share expectations.

Clarify meeting etiquette.

Ensure that all team members get equal “air-time”.

Avoid “one-person” tasks.