Screen Meetings

We refer to Screen Meetings in the context or remote management of business meetings. Screen meetings encompass everything from individuals simply sharing information or a project review through to a group making a collective decision.

Screen Meetings does not refer to social encounters on-line, nor the different interactions involved with different social platforms.

How it's Different

As well as tending to be more “time-bound” screen meetings consist essentially of a series of regulated bilateral exchanges where spontaneous “group discussions” are not possible. Exchanges tend to be “information” based and leave little place for emotions in the decision-making process.  If several people speaking at the same time, and background chatter or whispering is not polite or politically correct in face-to-face, then it is even technically intolerable in the screen-to-screen world!  One person speaks at a time, in a more ordered fashion if the group is to be understood.

Why it's Important

With the development of internet technology, the ability to meet almost instantaneously “at any time”, has become accepted business practice. Keeping people in the loop, brainstorming and making strategic business decisions are now just “one click away”; and will become an increasingly significant aspect of business life.


How to do it Better

Know how you look on screen!  Your image and he camera angle are important!

Check your sound prior to starting the meeting.

Keep microphones off to keep out noise.

Prepare what you want to share ahead of time.

Share documents via chat to make sure everyone has the most recent version.

Plan time at the beginning for a social “catch up”.

Take a virtual coffee break together; everyone has coffee in front of their screen.

Make use of the whiteboard and polls to keep the meeting interactive.